I'M a sad girl

I leave my classmates beacause are school closing and that day is are last day:(then we cried and cried then we cried louder when I go home beacause they pretened to be there mommy then they said wawawawa then they cried louder then my classmate angelo tell some jokes then they laugh and laugh


birthday with my mommy

my mommy works in a call center.she's age is 38 years old maybe she's busy at work.me and my cousin jaki made a painting.first we get the things that we need:paint,paint brush,paper,colored pencil and a pencil.then we think a picture that my mommy will like.then I said:hmmm...aha!a cat!my moms favorite is flowers and cats.our cat tigra is a striped cat I mean black and white striped cat.the painting thatI have painted is a cat of mr.bean I mean land ladies cat graffar is the name but my cousin painted also a cat but the name is goffer.belated happy b-day mama!love:andee