Wonderful Portrait ♥

This drawing was made by my great grandma, who will celebrate her 92nd birthday on August 15. Even though she's pretty old, she's still strong (without any illnesses), and very wise. She inspires me to have a happy life as she can keep smiling and laughing despite her old age. I hope that she will have more birthdays to come. 




Sorry for the late post. :(

I made it last Feb. 19, 2011...

 But it took a while to find the pic....

Enjoy~! Yay♥
PS. Let me know if you like it~! ♥


First Random Opening Post

Good Day! I am the "Purple Princess" as my dad calls me. But really my nickname is Andee. 

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I grow up because it is my life long dream to create clothes for people. Especially for girls,children and teens. I want to help them by creating clothes that will make them happy and I want them to be inspired by the clothes I make in the future. I want them to be inspired so that maybe when they grow up they might be also a fashion designer and may happen to inspire other children too.

Posts in this blog will include my drawings (it might take time before they are posted.). My random designs on my "Harumika" Mini Fashion. It might also include links on how to draw fashion silhouette.

So please wait for my posts! That is all! Bye!


I'M a sad girl

I leave my classmates beacause are school closing and that day is are last day:(then we cried and cried then we cried louder when I go home beacause they pretened to be there mommy then they said wawawawa then they cried louder then my classmate angelo tell some jokes then they laugh and laugh


birthday with my mommy

my mommy works in a call center.she's age is 38 years old maybe she's busy at work.me and my cousin jaki made a painting.first we get the things that we need:paint,paint brush,paper,colored pencil and a pencil.then we think a picture that my mommy will like.then I said:hmmm...aha!a cat!my moms favorite is flowers and cats.our cat tigra is a striped cat I mean black and white striped cat.the painting thatI have painted is a cat of mr.bean I mean land ladies cat graffar is the name but my cousin painted also a cat but the name is goffer.belated happy b-day mama!love:andee