First Random Opening Post

Good Day! I am the "Purple Princess" as my dad calls me. But really my nickname is Andee. 

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer when I grow up because it is my life long dream to create clothes for people. Especially for girls,children and teens. I want to help them by creating clothes that will make them happy and I want them to be inspired by the clothes I make in the future. I want them to be inspired so that maybe when they grow up they might be also a fashion designer and may happen to inspire other children too.

Posts in this blog will include my drawings (it might take time before they are posted.). My random designs on my "Harumika" Mini Fashion. It might also include links on how to draw fashion silhouette.

So please wait for my posts! That is all! Bye!


  1. Good luck to you, Purple Princess, in your endeavors to become a fashion designer. I took some fashion and sewing classes before, so looking at your designs will surely be a treat! And oh yes, thank you for taking a look at my diary as well. Have a wonderful day, princess!

  2. Thanks! Im also going to take fashion classes this vacation. I hope that if you saw my designs you will be delighted because the designs that I am working on now, I really put hard work on it.... Your welcome! I really like your diary... Have a wonderful day too!


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